Portal of Goddess DIDÔ

Is a natural space in which the craftsmanship of textures finds its place. Objects that are art, art that is inspiration. A unique space where you will find very special pieces.

Solstice is inspiration from the sun, movement of water, earthly firmness and fresh air.
But above all are pieces and accessories for souls with their own light. Light to think, to live, to wear, to feel. Return to yourself with noble materials, craft techniques, symbolic details, garments with a purpose.
artesanales, detalles simbólicos, prendas con propósito.


Solstice creates for free spirits, who dare to get away from fears mandates, creates to highlight the value of the authentic, the unique, the light of each being.


“Who believes, believes. Who believes, does. Those who do, transform themselves and the community in which they live.”.
solsticio 2


Ethereal jewelry
The pieces made by SORAYA SAINZ are subtle, pure, unique, volatile… they manage to collect the incorporeal.

Full of mysticism and elegance, these jewels are a true revelation for anyone looking for a piece with which to feel liberated.


The exclusivity and craftsmanship of the firm, in addition, generates a quick identification of the pieces. A brand created for beautiful beings, who seek to be a trend and connect with nature, the stars and ancestors


Stuart is focused on the design and creation of handcrafted pieces. All of them are made in a workshop completely by hand, with an original and unique design. In addition, exclusive and personalized designs are also made on demand as well as arrangements of any piece.

We intend to pay homage to nature and its indomitable multiplicity through jewelry,
from an organic perspective, combining minerals and plant elements.


Consciously made by artisans, using natural materials and handmade techniques.

Victoria loves to combine fashion and art in the world in which we live today, findign objects that awaken her sensibility troughout all five continents and trasnforming them into her own fashion concept.

Victoria travels to find different handmade techniques, natural fabrics and local products around the world. This results in this fashion Brand with ethics, sustainability and a very important story to give behind each piece that we produce.


Intrepid Shepherd is an inspired and practical collection of artistic pieces from around the world, hand-selected in our travels. We stand for conscious global fashion.

We bring you beautiful hand-crafted creations, born of tradition, from across the globe. We believe in the beauty of celebrating the hands and history behind local craftsmanship. Giving credit where credit is due.
We nurture lasting relationships with our artisans to ensure quality and foster a positive flow of energy and gratitude throughout our collections. We see this kind of cultural exchange inspiring benefits on both ends; as well as appreciation and understanding, enriching all of
our lives.
In the promotion of peace, passion and harmony. Each piece has a story.


Mala Hats is a brand with its own essence, based on a total freedom work process. Creativity flows naturally, without pre-established patterns.

Each one of the hats is made up of unique and exclusive pieces, reused silks that tell stories, powerful stones, symbols that protect us and the Mala, which is a sacred element and we can use it as an amulet to remind you to come back to yourself.