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We join music and yoga from the belief that their origin is as old as the human race itself, accompanying our evolution and verifying that both enhance our well-being. It is a universal language of love, of complementary creative energies.


Like practicing yoga, music has medicinal properties, integrating us into a state of flow, an optimal state of consciousness where we feel better and the brain deactivates the prefrontal cortex, making us lose time, but anchor ourselves in the present moment with breathing. as a tool and the body as a vehicle.  With both disciplines we will enter a state of flow of pure happiness in consciousness, benefiting the gray matter of our brain, delaying aging, reducing anxiety, freeing the body and mind, through the experiential experience of movement and music.

July, 15th
August, 6th
September, 17th


7:00 – 10:30 am


30€ reservations in advance and on site 35€

Location: DÍDÔ

P.º Marítimo, 11159 El Palmar de Vejer, Cádiz

Musician: MoM

Instructor: Sofía  Zavalia

Yoga en la playa
DJ Mom

Dance, connect and play with the sounds of MoM, one of the most acclaimed

electronic music producers and storytellers. His attraction to Acid-House and

FunkyDisco led him to turntables more than two decades ago. MoM's sonic quest is elegant, deep and anything but nonchalant, but a hallmark of continual discovery and good taste, perfect for celebrating and taking the whole crowd on an incredible journey through vibes.


The deep and exquisite ethnic elements take on great importance in his DJ set and live set. In his desire to unite music, technology and culture, he created the band “Mosáfires”, made up of three musicians, where they fuse electronics with “Sephardic music”. Over the last few years he has played in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Moscow, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Vienna, Tunisia, Dubai, Bali, Jakarta, Tulum and Mexico City, among others.


Yoga and dance instructor since I was little, movement and silence were my allies in life… Dancing and feeling the music awakened in me a sense of peace, freedom, light and happiness.


After traveling, knowing different cultures, living in Mexico in a community and experiences, I discovered the power and healing when the body speaks, manifests and expresses freely, silencing the mind and activating the senses.


Today, after training as a yoga teacher and feeling capable of combining and guiding them, I invited them to transform us through movement, silence and the light of the soul.


We can close our eyes and change the world.


Live the connection and music experience with SOFIA Y MOM.

We will wait for you 

Sofia Zavalia

The proposal is to meditate in movement. Combining traditional yoga postures with more fluid energy, I’ll guide you through a fun and dynamic practice, exploring creative transitions, inspiring rhythms, encouraging expression and freedom of movement.


The goal is for you to achieve inner peace and harmony from feeling. Leave your mind blank with exercises that help you relax your mind.

It is about raising your level of consciousness so that you can see, not only what is happening around you, but also within you. This will be a great source of energy and vitality.


We experience the connection of the body with the sound, the freedom with letting go and the breath with peace.