From the temple of the god Juno in Faro Beach, we travel not so far to meet the goddes Didô, the builder of one of his temples. In her passion, she lived intensely until reaching our days turned into a legend of sun, wisdom and love.
Didô is a temple to share the rituals of art, gastronomy, music, nature and the mysticism of time.

DÍDÔ Universe

Between the ground and the sky.

A unique place where the turquoise of the water and the sky mix with the gold of its sand and the incredible sunsets of the sun of the goddess Didô.


Take off your shoes and let yourself be carried away on a tour to the essentials.
Feed your soul in our restaurant to take care of yourself. Come to the Alboran Sea and drink its breeze and our cocktails. Enjoy an informal and fun visit letting yourself flow. 

Cocteleria de autor en el Palmar
DJs internacionales en El Palmar
Atardeceres en El Palmar
Dido el palmar

Awakening your magic

The sands of Cádiz´s Coast hide legends and stories that unknowingly enrich our land and its energy.


We step on the remains of temples, ports, great kingdoms and shipwrecks that run through our bodies to inspire us in the form of music, cuisine, linen, cotton, yoga and the search for balance.

Feed your soul

We encourage you to reinterpret a simple act like eating. Stop and contemplate the ingredients and its ritual.


We are influenced by Greek, Italian, Turkish and Spanish gastronomy to create a menu with light and fresh dishes full of energy.

Alta cocina en El Palmar
El Templo de Dido
Tienda Dido el Palmar

Hand & Craft

Unique designs, made by hand respecting and honoring nature. A selected range of pieces with a marked style and philosophy of life: looking at the soul of each element.